About Us

OYF stands for ‘Own Your Flat’. OYF team members always take pleasure in providing professional & personalized service to clients who demand professional perspective.

A unique combination of sector knowledge and entrepreneurial flair gives our clients access to real estate expertise of the highest calibre. We are regarded as an innovative thinking organization backed up with excellent negotiating skills. OYF chooses to focus on a defined set of clients, therefore offering a premium service to organizations and individuals with whom we share a common goal. OYF is synonymous with a high quality service offerings, takes a long term view to real estate and invest in strategic relationships.

OYF has strong base of dedicated, dynamic team of experienced professional, surveyors and supporting staff, who share good rapport with Developers / Owners / Landlords / Investors / Estate Agents and are always eager to serve you.

We specialize in Bulk Bookings, Leasing to Corporate, Expatriate and Retail Brands. Beside this we are active in Investments, Advisory and Interiors.

The core aim of the agency has always been to conduct real estate transactions in a transparent and candid way, which has helped us developing long-term association with our clients and property owners.

Our vision is to be the most influential and respected service provider. Achieving it will require the highest levels of passion, performance and professionalism. The higher we set our sights and standards, the better we serve the people we care most about.

To place OYF on top rung in real estate industry by providing material services to our client’s and through our innovative approach and long term goals. Further to strive hard to ensure the sustainability through our constant efforts and innovation.

We look forward to deepening our client relationships and fulfilling expectations by creating the best opportunities for owners, individuals, advisors, developers and corporate clients.

We love what we do. And we love pushing ourselves every day to do it better. To that end, we believe in simple guidelines:

  • Put your client’s goals and needs above everything else.
  • Enable your clients to make the best possible, most informed real estate decisions.
  • Understand customer’s requirement in depth and to fit each other client’s needs to deliver top result.

With the increasing globalization of business, Multinational Corporations demand consistency of service in all markets in which they operate. In recognition of this, OYF is dedicated to the objective of achieving the client’s real estate objectives and maximizing the utility of the client’s real estate assets.

We manage real estate portfolios to deliver strategic services for our clients – multinational corporate tenants, international retail brands, ITES, individual property owners and developers. Our portfolio of services covers a wide gamut that includes:

  • Corporate Leasing/Sales
  • Transitory Leasing
  • Residential Leasing/Sales
  • Retail Leasing/Sales
  • Pre-Leased Properties Sales
  • Warehouse Leasing/Sales
  • Plot Sales
  • Interiors
  • Solar

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